When to Call Your Orthodontist

While having braces may not seem like a ball of fun, it doesn’t have to create a negative affect on your life. Most people visit their orthodontist every six to eight weeks, finish treatment, and enjoy gorgeous smiles. Sometimes, orthodontic care doesn’t go as planned and you made need to contact the orthodontist for special circumstances. These tips can help you stay calm and handle the situation like a pro.

Tips for your orthodontist

Know Your Appliance

Understanding the limitations of your braces or retainer can stop you from damaging these devices. With braces, staying away from crunchy or sticky foods can prevent breakage. When you have a retainer, wear the appliance as directed and leave it in the case when not in use.

Assess the need

If you run into a problem, determine how serious the issue is before you act. Call your orthodontist during business hours if something breaks, comes loose, or gets lost. Immediately contact the office when a broken appliance prevents you from opening or closing your mouth, or if you have pain even after taking over-the-counter pain relievers.

Be prepared

Because brackets or wires can break, keep orthodontic wax on hand to protect the area until you can get in to see your orthodontist.

Take precautions

During your time in braces, ask your orthodontist about a mouth guard if you play sports. Also, don’t mess with your brackets or wires because you can accidentally cause problems with the dental appliance.

We care about your smile at our Burbank, CA orthodontic office – Mehdi Fotovat, DDS.

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