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Orthodontic Treatment Levels Increase

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

In recent years, more kids and adults are wearing braces. Research indicates that 70 percent of the population could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Based on fossil findings, our ancestors had little trouble with alignment of their teeth, so what happened to us? As different ethnic and genetic populations began to merge, human growth pattern in the mouth didn’t accommodate teeth and jaw development.

How Orthodontic Treatment Levels Increase

Often, children inherit the need for orthodontic from one or both parents whose teeth didn’t align correctly, just as you inherit eye color or seasonal allergies. These tendencies can be passed down from generation to generation. Consequently, your child’s teeth may be too large or too small for the jaw area, resulting in crowding or extra spaces.

With modern orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist can correct alignment and spacing problems. Generally, it’s a good idea to bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation around age seven. At this time, the orthodontist can assess your child’s current and future development to determine if any intervention is necessary. Some children require Phase I, or early orthodontic treatment, to prepare their mouths for Phase 2, the straight-forward phase of treatment that usually involves traditional braces.

If you would like a straighter smile, but never made steps to change it, there’s still time. Even adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment. With modern alternatives like Invisalign clear aligners or ceramic braces, you can achieve a picture-perfect smile without the hassle and embarrassment of metal braces.

We’ll give you something to smile about at our Burbank, CA orthodontic practice – Mehdi Fotovat, DDS.

Living with Braces

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Getting braces can be quite an adjustment. Because treatment typically lasts for 18 to 24 months, you need to plan on having your braces with you for some time. Knowing what to expect, how to care for braces, and other helpful information will ensure that you maximize your orthodontic treatment.

Eating and Braces

In general, you can eat plenty with braces. You do, however, need to avoid sticky foods like caramel, chewy foods like licorice, hard foods like nuts, and foods you have to bite into like corn on the cob. Feel free to much out on yogurt, pasta, diced chicken, green beans, bananas, and other easy-to-chew options.

Dealing with Discomfort

After the initial placement, your teeth and mouth may feel tender, which is perfectly normal. This discomfort will pass in a couple of days, after you get used to the braces. You may also experience some soreness after an adjustment.

Loose Brackets and Wires

Sometimes, wires and brackets become dislodged or break. If this happens, contact your orthodontist right away. You can place wax over the broken area to prevent irritation in your mouth.

Playing Sports

Having braces won’t stop you from going out for basketball, football, or your favorite sport. To protect your mouth, most orthodontists recommend a mouth guard, which covers your teeth and gums.

Caring for Your Teeth

During orthodontic treatment, it is really important that you practice good oral hygiene. Braces can make you more susceptible to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Remember to brush after each meal, floss once a day, and see your dentist for routine exams.

We care about your smile at our Burbank, CA orthodontic office – Mehdi Fotovat, DDS.

Invisalign for Grownups

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean that you have to continue through life being unhappy with your smile. Many grownups today are taking the plunge into orthodontic treatment, but not in the traditional way you might think. Invisalign is an option that many adults choose to straighten their teeth, but without impacting their appearance or self-esteem while undergoing treatment. Read on to see if Invisalign might be just what you need.

How does Invisalign work?

This method involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth. The removable aligners are worn for a total of one to two years, with your orthodontist monitoring your progress and determining when to change to a new aligner during the process. Invisalign gradually shifts your teeth so that they align perfectly.

Will others be able to tell I’m doing it?

One of the greatest advantages of Invisalign is that others don’t even have to know you’re wearing the aligners. The small invisible trays fit over the tops of your teeth, and are often hard to see. They also do not affect your ability to speak or eat. This means that you can continue your normal routine of business meetings and socializing without feeling embarrassed about a mouth full of braces. Many adults appreciate the idea that others do not even realize they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. You even have the option of removing the Invisalign trays for an important meeting or special event.

Is there special care required?

Another key benefit of Invisalign is that no special care is needed. You take the trays in and out of your mouth as desired, so you can brush your teeth normally. There are no issues with trying to clean your teeth around metal wires and brackets. Also, you are able to eat whatever you like because there is no danger of damaging your braces. These are all reasons that Invisalign is not just appealing to young people, but a fantastic solution for teeth straightening in adults.

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